Adult Swimming Lessons. Private Adult Lessons for all abilities (Swimmer & Non-Swimmer)
Adult Lessons


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Regular or one-off lessons specifically for adults

Adult Lessons

Non-swimmer adults:

We teach adults in the same way that we teach children: so you can be assured of an optimal pathway from non-swimmer to swimmer. The advantage of an adult learner is that we are able use our full vocabulary, and explain away fears of the water through this sense teaching adults is typically even quicker than teaching children provided the adult is willing to give what we say 'a go'.

Adults who can already swim:

we progress forward with the 4 strokes, ensuring a sound knowledge of the technical and mechanical nuances. As children, we learn mostly by doing, but as adults we remember by understanding the why's, what's and when's. .

We offer either regular (weekly) or a course of lessons. The courses are aimed more towards individuals or groups who are learning to swim, whereas the weekly lessons are aimed more toward stroke improvement and technical advancement in order to make swimming easy and fluid.