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Work with us, not for us

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Excellent rates of pay

If you pay chicken feed, expect chickens. 'Nuff said.


A Career, not a job

At Typhoon, we want each and every person in our #TeamTyphoon family to feel like they can progress with their career. We can't imagine anything worse than feeling like you're suck in a dead-end job. That's why, we actively encourage everyone in our team to think outside the box, and if they have an idea, desire or aspiration to tell us so we can work together to make it a reality; whilst equitably rewarding the both of us for the joint venture



Regular staff socials, such as BBQ's, bowling, quiz nights, go-karting, sports competitions, curry nights and more. We're a team, and not just any team, we're #TeamTyphoon.


Rewarding work

A calm working environment, with rapid progress in small class sizes gives great job satisfaction. We like to think you rock up to work, have a blast teaching, and bonus you get paid market leading rates. Boom!


Awesome Customers

We don't have angry customers; because we deliver on our premier quality promises they could not be happier. This makes working with us a rewarding experience in distinction to other more profit orientated organisations.


Friendly line managers

We pledge to always treat you how we'd like to be treated.