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Elite & Video


Elite Clinics

By request we offer technique clinics for elite swimmers competing at county level or above.

Our clinics are booked on a group basis up to a maximum of 4 swimmers, last 2 hours and cover the specific requirements and requests of the group. We can work on starts, turns, finishes, all 4 strokes, race strategy, pacing, transitions, take overs, underwater phases, and more. We advise you to pick just a handful of topics you would really like to cover with our expert coaches, so that we can delve in to detail rather than just skimming the surface - after-all these sessions are for elite athletes and it's in the nitty-gritty where we'll find those extra tenths of a second.

We can also offer our video stroke analysis, where we send you a video of your strokes and annotate it with corrections we've identified for you to keep for your records as an optional extra. Please see the below section for details.

Video Stroke Analysis

Either we can record in person or you can send us recordings you've taken of you swimming (above and below the water if possible - cheap waterproof action cameras can be bought on eBay and similar sites). Our expert coaches will then annotate and correct your stroke technique. We can do this for any element of your swimming, from a specific requirement to the whole stroke. Please keep video duration to 15 minutes or less and provide as many angles as possible (pool side and underwater: side on, front view, above, behind and if possible underneath).

Our ability to offer this service remotely gives all athletes the ability to access our expert services at the click of a button without the need to travel.

We have coaches who are able to critique even the most proficient swimmer, so regardless of your competitive level we can help you swim more efficiently.

Below is a screen shot of a typical annotation of a swimmer:

Stroke Correction