Typhoon Covid-19 Guidance
School Closures

Please allow us this opportunity to express the gratitude of the entire Typhoon Team. We get so much enjoyment from teaching your children to swim and play tennis, and we are humbled by the trust you place in us each and every week. Sincerely, we THANK YOU!

We are always transparent with our customers, and I hope you will appreciate the candidness of our email, particularly given the unprecedented times we find ourselves in. If you haven't received the email please contact us.

We unfortunately need to suspend our lessons effective immediately, until such times as we're able to resume, however this is not the end of Typhoon

Please check your inbox (including SPAM folders) for more information on what we're doing during this suspension and how we intend to survive

Thank you for your support

By supporting Typhoon now, you're helping to ensure there are lessons for you to come back to 💪

Stay safe, take care of yourselves and keep in touch with loved ones