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Explore the great blue sea


Starting with the PADI open water SCUBA qualification and above, Typhoon offer premier quality diving lessons in their same staple environment of 4:1 ratios between instructor and pupils. This keeps the dive intimate, ensuring optimal safety and that you get the attention you deserve.

We run courses indoors and outdoors in the UK as well as abroad. We focus on making diving as fun and enjoyable as possible, whilst ensuring an accelerated learning pathway.

When using pools we only operate from full size 20 meter or large swimming pools, and there are no other groups - ensuring you get the maximum space possible to move about in. Our training courses usually also include a real dive experience.

Once qualified, you can then join our regularly organised dives across the country and meet like minded people and visit new and exciting places. We can organise the transport of all your dive equipment, so that on dive tours you can even ride a motorbike between hotels!