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Small groups

We guarantee your child will never have a class size of more than 4 children (inclusive of your child). Our premier quality environment transforms treating tennis as an activity in to what we provide: a lesson


A Better Coaching System

As usual for Typhoon; we take the syllabus, trim off all the fat, add in the latest philosophies and practices, bake on high, and out comes a truly unique method and approach to teaching Tennis FAST. You won't find our methods or system anywhere else.


FREE Trials

We offer free, no obligation trials for you to come along and experience our lessons/methods. We won't ever give you a hard sell.



Our instructors get physically involved with their class and often lead by example: demonstrating the technique accurately so that children can copy. Our small class sizes allow our instructors to provide with permission hands-on manual assistance to help emphasise correct movements.


Consistent Teachers

We don't run in terms; we run on a rolling month. Because of this, there is no 'rebooking' window and as such our instructors work shifts don't get moved about at the end of each block of lessons. This results in your instructor being the same instructor week in, week out (except for illness and/or annual leave!).



We only take payment monthly, so there's no large upfront cost for a 'term' or 'block' of lessons. We also don't tie you in for minimum periods, all we ask for is 1 months' notice whenever you want to leave.



All our staff are handpicked, have prior experience, are vetted and DBS checked at least every 3 years and of course are qualified and first aid trained. In addition, each member of staff goes through our own in-house training program to teach them our methods - which they can only then use with Typhoon - and we keep their skillset up-to-date with regular staff training.



Our lessons continue throughout the entire year - we don't stop for bank, public or school holidays. Our only break is over Christmas. This way, your child can have access to lessons virtually all year and make the improvement needed to be the best! Another benefit to our methods, small groups and year-round approach is that our classes improve together as a unit, meaning we can usually avoid moving children about and disrupting their learning pathway.



We run our own in-house award scheme in parallel to the LTA national standard. Our in-house awards provide a much clearer progression pathway from non-player through to competitive and beyond. The LTA award scheme is awarded as children play/win matches against opponents in formal matches and Typhoon's award scheme underpins this by providing clear milestones to underline their advancement in ability and aims for the future.