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Watersafe Children able to Rescue Themselves

Typhoon Tots teaches babies and toddlers aged 0 to 4 years how to RESCUE THEMSELVES UNAIDED!! We have developed a step by step system that teaches babies and toddlers how to be completely watersafe and rescue themselves without assistance should they fall in to water. This is not an extreme approach to swim teaching! Our approach encourages enjoyment as well as effective results over time.


FREE Trials

We offer free, no obligation trials for you to come along and experience our lessons/methods. We won't give you a hard sell


FREE Underwater Photography

A beautiful way to capture some early memories are photos of your little one swimming. At Typhoon, we don't charge you to attend photography shoots, and we sell you the full digital image for a flat rate low fee - rather than charging per printed item.


SMALL Class sizes

Our maximum class size for Tots is 6 children, regardless of the size pool. In smaller hydrotherapy pools we even limit our class sizes to 4 - the same as our 4+ year lessons.



We only accept monthly payments and as we don't run in terms there's no 'double month’ or 12 week term tie in to worry about, so we completely avoid rebooking disappointment. Instead we offer an easy in / easy out environment: just give us 1 month’s notice whenever you want to leave.



Our lessons, although more structured than others, are still plenty of fun for both you and your child. We aim to always leave you by the end of the lesson feeling like you're one step closer to having a water-safe child.


Clean, calm, warm

We only use pools that meet our strict standards for hygiene, pool and water temperature. Our environments are calm and relaxed, with the focus on delivering our unique methods via a variety of approaches to you and your child.


Teachers in the water with you

Our teachers instruct from in the water, ready to show you the techniques and methods we use to make your child watersafe and able to get themselves to safety should they fall in to water! Having our teachers right by your side will give you the confidence and support you need as we help you to become your child's very own personal swim teacher!


Stronger Babies

Regular swimming lessons will help your child build their muscles, coordination, cardiovascular system and can aid with early walking. Our lessons can also help children to develop regular sleeping patterns.


Social Benefits

Parents can meet other parents with similar aged children, and your child will learn to interact with others in a safe, warm and most of all fun environment.


Linguistic Benefits

By interacting with you in the aquatic environment, your child's language development can be improved, learning new words and understanding their meanings.


Emotional Benefits

Our lessons provide the perfect opportunity for new parents to bond with their babies. Children who start to swim from a young age also typically avoid developing a fear of the water. The workout you will get during our classes will also release rewarding endorphins which can help with mood levels and self confidence.