We’re not doctors, so if you’re in any doubt always seek medical advice either by calling 111 (non-emergency), 999 (emergency) or your GP.

That said, if you or your child has a cold (e.g. a green blocked or runny nose) then swimming could result in sinus pain and unpleasant submerging experiences. Similarly, the infection may have spread to the ears which will be exaggerated by submerging. If you’re not swimming, then these are less of an issue.

We do not recommend any sport if the infection has moved to the throat or chest. If the adult or child in question has a sore throat and/or a chesty cough it’s best to rest up and recover quicker than to try and ‘push through’.

Please note, if you have any contagious infection (such as Chicken Pox) you must not come swimming until you are no longer contagious.

Important: – if the child or adult in question has suffered from diarrhoea in the last 48 hours you must remain at home.

COVID-19 update: If you are displaying any of the symptoms relating to COVID-19 then you MUST follow the NHS’s advice about self-isolation.