With over 15 years of experience teaching children of all ages and abilities, you can trust us with your school’s swimming programme 

Efficient use of staff

Allow your faculty staff to concentrate on their specialist subjects by freeing them and using Typhoon to supply your swimming instructor

Fast Progress 

Our methods help more children reach the required curriculum standard faster (25 meters before leaving primary school) 

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Typhoon can also offer school-exclusive crash courses for any children requiring an extra boost in order to achieve the 25-meter curriculum requirement

Assessment of pupils against the nationally recognised NPTS

We’re able to assess and award according to Swim England’s NPTS (National Plan for Teaching Swimming)

Typhoon regularly provides curriculum lessons to schools

Best cleaning services helping customers worldwide.

Pembridge School

We’ve used Typhoon to provide swimming lessons since 2011 and the children really improve each lesson

Weobley School

The children thoroughly enjoy the lessons and it’s really useful for our staff to see how Typhoon approach swimming

St Pauls School

Typhoon has proven to be tremendously successful for the individual achievements of our children