Dive into your next vaycay with Typhoon’s Blistering Swimming Crash Courses Summer 2023!

As the summer sun begins to shine, it’s time to think about how to keep your children active, engaged, and learning new skills. At Typhoon, we’re excited to announce our 2023 Summer Crash Courses, designed to make a splash in your child’s summer plans!

Swimming is a fantastic way for children to stay fit, have fun, and learn a potentially life-saving skill. It’s a sport that can be enjoyed at any age and offers a host of benefits. Not only does it improve physical health, but it also boosts mental well-being, promotes discipline, and fosters a sense of accomplishment.

But why choose Typhoon’s Swimming Crash Courses Summer 2023?

Quality Instruction

Our crash courses are led by highly qualified, DBS-checked instructors who are passionate about teaching. They are skilled at making lessons engaging and enjoyable, ensuring your child is eager to dive back in, lesson after lesson.

Typhoons “Swim Technique Optimisation and Rapid Mastery” (STORM) method.

Our unique STORM method to teaching swimming is exclusive to Typhoon. It’s our secret-sauce that allows us to teach your child faster than anywhere else. Developed by World Class swimmers, it’s a laser-focused pathway to teaching swimming.

Teachers in the water

Because teaching someone to swim from the side is like trying to teach someone to drive from the pavement.

Daily Feedback

We believe in recognising and celebrating progress. Our daily feedback allows parents to understand their child’s swimming and what our next steps are.

Safe Environment

Safety is our top priority at Typhoon. Our facilities are maintained to the highest standards, and our small class sizes ensure that each child receives the attention they need.

“My daughter absolutely loved her crash course with Typhoon. The instructors were fantastic, and she made so much progress in just one week. We’ll definitely be back next summer!” – Sarah, Mum of Emily (age 7)

Our Swimming Crash Courses Summer 2023 are more than just swimming lessons. They’re an opportunity for your child to make new friends, build confidence, and create summer memories that will last a lifetime.

Spaces for our Swimming Crash Courses Summer 2023 are filling up fast, so don’t delay! Give your child the gift of swimming this summer with Typhoon Leisure. Dive into our website today to find out more and book your child’s place.

Remember, swimming is not just a sport, it’s a life skill. And at Typhoon Leisure, we’re committed to making learning this skill a fun, rewarding, and unforgettable experience.

Join us this summer and make a splash with Typhoon Leisure’s Swimming Crash Courses Summer 2023!

(Note: For the most accurate and detailed information about our crash courses, please visit our website at https://typhoonleisure.com/crash-courses/)

“Typhoon’s crash course was a game-changer for my son. He went from being afraid of the water to not wanting to leave the pool! Thank you, Typhoon!” – David, Dad of Oliver (age 5)