The Benefits of Parent & Child Classes

There are many benefits when it comes to parent and child classes, both physical and mental. But there’s also the added benefit that parent and child classes allow parents (or grandparents!) to spend quality time with their children. Here are just a few reasons you may want to consider starting our Typhoon Tots lessons:

Physical & Emotional Benefits of Parent & Child Classes

Regular swimming lessons help your child build their muscles, coordination, and cardiovascular system and can aid with early walking. Our lessons can also help children to develop regular sleeping patterns, and provide the perfect opportunity for new parents to bond with their babies. Children who start to swim from a young age, also typically avoid developing a fear of the water.

And as a parent, you will also get a workout during our classes which will release rewarding endorphins which can help with mood levels and self-confidence!

Linguistic & Social Benefits

By interacting with you in the aquatic environment, your child’s language development can be improved. Children can learn new words and understand their meanings. Parents can also meet other parents with similar-aged children, and your child will learn to interact with others in a safe, warm, and most of all, fun environment.

Do you want to come along for a FREE Trial?

We have spaces available at our site Trinity School in Hereford on the weekends. Sign up for your free trial today, and we’ll be in touch to arrange a date with you! We offer free no-obligation trials, and we don’t operate in terms. So all we require is one month’s notice from you, should you decide to leave.

All of our classes are taught by highly trained instructors. We believe requiring our instructors to maintain their professional standards on an annual basis makes our instructors some of the most up-to-date in the industry. In addition to this, Typhoon is not franchised. We retain ownership, responsibility and pride in the quality of lesson we deliver at every location

Our Typhoon’s Tots lessons are progressive but not forceful, we still adopt a holistic approach to ensure your child fosters a lifetime love for the water!

To discover the benefits of parent and child classes yourself, sign up today for a FREE trial, or contact us for more details.

mother holding her child in an indoor swimming pool
mother and her toddler facing each other in an indoor pool
Father holding baby in swimming pool teaching him how to swim
bay wearing an orange swim hat in a swimming pool laughing